Saturday, 28 August 2010

The Oddities of Coming Home After College

Can’t quite put your finger on it can ya? It’s still the same bed, the same swings where you had your first kiss, the hallways which you walked with a carefree smile, but there’s something missing. Something just doesn’t feel right. Everything has changed and yet in some way, nothing has. But out of nowhere you’re suddenly smacked hard with the terrifying realization that home isn’t really home anymore.

It’s an unsettling thought for most of us because this means we really are growing up. The friends that were like family are strangers. Of course it's fun to get to see how everyone’s doing (you can make sure that mean girl is doing terribly and way less successful than you), reminisce with "remember whens" and high school seems like it was yesterday. But it wasn’t.

I was close with everyone my senior year and thought we’d all be friends forever. But people change. And most of all, I’ve changed.
Not a single one of my BFFs are the same people they were in high school. Change is not necessarily a bad thing. It’s only when someone changes so drastically that you can’t remember why you were friends with them in the first place that it becomes a problem. Everyone’s paths have taken them on different roads with only a few remaining old, comfortable intersections and common paths. Slowly but surely, it’s happening right in front of our eyes and there’s no way to slow it down or turn it back.
But don’t dwell over how it used to be or how much easier life was back then, just remember this is all a part of growing up. We are all off to bigger and better things!

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